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Acuity World provides Leadership and Sales Training at your organization. Through intensive training, we take you on a journey that will create lasting development in your leadership and your management team. Since 2000 more than 5,000 people have benefited from our expertise through training and coaching.

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Personal Leadership Program

Do you have the skills required to be an excellent leader? At Acuity World, we believe that successful leaders have the personal and social skills that make them capable of converting theoretical skills into actual results.

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Personal Selling Program

Our Personal Selling Program is one of our most successful programs. It’s an in-house sales training course that we customize specifically to your company.

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Executive Coaching

The aim of our Executive Coaching is to counsel and motivate you to reach the goals you set for your own leadership and your company. Executive Coaching is especially for senior executives and managers with a desire to make the most of their careers.

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Courses & Program

Acuity World is a leading provider of training programs and courses specializing in developing individual and organizational skills in the areas of Personal Leadership, Personal Communication, Personal Coaching and Personal Sales. Our personal development programs include open courses and training programs, courses tailored to your own company requirements and training courses and coaching at middle and senior management levels.

Courses and programs

Inhouse Consulting

Acuity World offers consulting service tailored to the specific requirements of your company and held on your own premises. It may include custom designed evaluation, courses, coaching & follow up.  Our consulting service is primarily aimed at enhancing the competence of individuals’ performance in terms of leadership sales, communication, motivation and coaching skills, which leads to business performance.  

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