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If your company wants to develop and train their own sales talents, PSP™ Facilitators Training is the solution for you. This program is especially beneficial for companies with large sales departments, as you can continue developing your talents and create results. PSP™ Trainers Training is for you, that wants to teach our programs to others, here you will get the tools to change your participants mindset and tailor it to your company’s needs. Inhouse Learning-courses offers a variety of benefits and for the company that has already discovered the strengths and cost efficiency of a continuous and long-term course, it can, among others, lead to:

  • Faster conversion from theory to practice
  • Larger expertise within the company
  • An improvement in productivity within the company

Benefits that on a larger scale, greatly increases cost efficiency and releases assets for further developing the company.


Certified PSP™Facilitator

PSP™ Facilitators Training, is a program for the ambitious company, with a goal of creating a sustainable sales culture within the company. With PSP™ Facilitators Training, your company will be able to facilitate PSP™ Video Workshops and use it to train employees in the method and techniques in our Personal Selling Program PSP™. This also makes it possible for your company to use it whenever it suits you, which helps sustaining the growth and maintaining long-term effects. The program is therefore directed at company’s who wants long lasting solutions and have employees who wish to facilitate video workshops and coach their own salespeople.

Certified PSP™ Trainer

Besides giving access to facilitating PSP™ Video Workshops, PSP™ Trainers Training also allows completion of PSP™ Live Trainings. Having your own trainers, gives your company the opportunity to design your trainings to target your specific needs even further, which gives you the best possible outcome. Among other competencies, PSP™ Trainers Training helps you develop a mindset within employees, that increases sales, which leads to positive experiences that spreads to the rest of the company, not only in sales but the rest of the departments as well.

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