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Virtual Customer Meeting

In this program, you will get the key aspects to master a Virtual Customer Meeting, including what you can do before, during and after the meeting, and how to access the benefits compared to face-to-face meetings.

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Master virtual meetings

Because of the ongoing Corona crisis, virtual meetings and the mindset regarding them, is now more crucial than ever. Having salespeople who can conduct virtual meetings at the highest level, can greatly increase your effectiveness and give your company an advantage against your competitors. Successful virtual meetings requires different skills than face-to-face meetings, this program will therefore make you able to:

  • Prepare, conduct & follow-up successful virtual meetings
  • Understand the benefits of virtual meetings
  • Conduct progressive sales meetings
  • Setup your device, camera, sound and more to achieve the highest possible outcome
  • Create healthy virtual meetings with engaged & inspired customers
  • Be attentive to what elements to be aware of in a virtual meeting & how to prevent them
  • Maximize value in your virtual meetings - both in creating interest & developing existing customers

Structure of the program

The Virtual Customer Meeting program consists of 10 key aspects of how you can effectively enhance your customer meetings. 

This program contains 13 videos with a length of 15-30 minutes, followed by exercises to help you understand how to use the given tools in practice afterwards. The following topics in relation to virtual customer meetings include:

  1. A necessity or opportunity?
  2. Get to know the technical before you start
  3. Clarify the purpose of the meeting for you & the customer
  4. Setting the frame for the meeting
  5. The meta-structure of a good meeting
  6. Effective virtual communication - both verbal & nonverbal
  7. Manage meeting interaction & motivate engagement
  8. Ending the meeting right
  9. Effective meeting follow-up protocol
  10. Keep getting better all the time

Transformative Sales Meeting Online

Our PSP™ Online Learning Platform supports optimizing your sales competence more effectively & easily.

  • Flexibility & Mobility – You can learn anytime, anywhere & on any devices.
  • Easy bit-size learning – Short videos accompanied by exercises and assessments making learning easy to digest.
  • Effective daily application - Well-designed workbook & tools that encourage utilization of the skills you learned at your daily work.
  • Online Live Coaching - Periodical support via online coaching sessions and live webinars, are also available in parallel with the online program to accelerate your learning and sales performance.
Virtual Customer Meeting - PSP online

A cost-effective way to optimize your sales force

Our Online Learning Platform PSP™ supports your company in optimizing competence of your salespeople more Effectively, Efficiently and Economically

  • Cost-effectiveness – Online training minimizes time, resources and costs of travelling, venue and coordination of work in normal class-room training.  It makes onboarding new salespeople faster & easier.
  • Reach & Scale – Learning across different departments, regions & continents easily with the online format.
  • Consistency – Accessing the same training materials, methodology & terminology makes communication more effective – not only within the sales departments, but also between different departments and management levels.
  • Community support -  We provide you with a private community, where your salespeople can share their experiences and support learning from each other and develop a learning culture.

Personal Selling Program - PSP Online

Virtual Customer Meeting is part of the Personal Selling Program - PSP™ Online Program, which includes:


You can book one of our trainers to hold a workshop in your company if you want to give your employees inspiration and new ideas for developing their personal and social skills.
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