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Personal Selling Program PSP™ - The optimal B2B solution

The purpose with our Personal Selling Program - PSP™ is to ensure, that your company's sales force gets the personal and social competencies, to optimize their potential and excel your sales results. Personal Selling Program - PSP™ is a B2B solution targeted towards companies that want:

  • Higher customer satisfaction & customer loyalty
  • Increased focus on growth & better results
  • Shorter sales cycle & higher conversion rate
  • Greater precision in predictable growth
  • A common language, ensuring better & effective communication with the customers
  • Happier and satisfied employees

Make full use of your organization's potential

Acuity World's Personal Selling Program - PSP™ is a solution for companies and salespeople, who are already used to creating results.

It is important that your company has a well thought-out strategy, a good product and a significant mission. In order to fully utilize the company's potential, there is a certain element, that needs to work properly for the rest to come into play - Personal Selling.

Salespeople, who creates excellent performances and results, are those who are able to combine a high level of technical skills and a good business understanding together with strong personal and social competencies.


Successful salespeople are those, who possess the personal and social competencies

required to translate the theoretical skills into results in practice

How we satisfy your customer

Creating satisfied customers, who buy more, for a longer period of time, through value creation

At Acuity World, we consider the optimal sales as part of a larger process, which not just transform leads into buying customers, but also develops customers into long-term, loyal partners and even enthusiastic ambassadors for your company. Our Personal Selling Program PSP™ focuses on helping your customers clarifying their wishes and actual needs.

In such way, this gain is bigger than the individual sale, because it creates the foundations for trusting collaborations with satisfied customers, that leads to sustainable long-term growth for your company.

Through intensive training and assistance from the Personal Selling Program - PSP™, your organization achieves a range of strategic benefits, that in a short time enables the fastest path to the optimal sale and the long lasting customer relationships.

To learn the necessary communication skills and unique approaches, to effectively turn customers from leads all the way into enthusiastic ambassadors for your company, we focus on helping your salespeople tap into their unique potential & strengths. From there, they understand their personal purpose in alignment with the company's purpose.                    

Acuity World offers a unique B2B-solution, which contains many elements that you are probably familiar with and use in your sales work. What makes it unique, is that this model we use is based on a positive and revolutionary way of thinking in sales - we have chosen, to focus on what is already working for the customer, instead of what is not working. This is a proven success approach, which the top 2% sales professionals use to create extraordinary results.

"The collaboration with Acuity World was not just a pleasure, but made a difference in the year to year results we delivered, which has helped secure the organization a double-digit growth, as well as a team that grew to 50 people across the years.”


Michael Stanley Pedersen, NKT Photonics, CEO, 2018.

Together we create optimal conditions for optimal results

To ensure the optimal success with Personal Selling Program - PSP™, it is imperative that the entire sales management, joins the process. It ensures a common understanding of exactly how your organization wants to structure and drive sales.

As part of the Personal Selling Program - PSP™, we offer the course PSP™ Executives, where your sales management obtains the necessary tools to operate the development process in their own department, and the future sales work optimally.

Acuity World has developed a simple follow-up tool for sales management, that enables continuous monitoring of how quickly the individual employee learns and integrates the new behavior and skills, they learned at Personal Selling Program - PSP™. Our courses and education are distinguished, by the fact that you do not just get insight into what to do, but also get training on how to do it right.

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Personal Selling Program - PSP™

Acuity World Learning Platform

Systemic Blended Learning - an effective approach for learning


On our Acuity World Learning Platform you will find learning tools, that fit both new and experienced salespeople. We offer both online and face-to-face training as well as tailored-made on-the-job program for your organization.

Through our systemic blended learning platform, you will have the opportunity to participate in organized training and learning courses, which can easily be customized to your everyday life and calendar.

"My good collaboration with Acuity World has, first of all, opened my eyes to how I can work differently with sales. With the help of Satisfaction Cycle, my global sales team have been given an easy-to-use tool, that has both increased motivation and created results. Although the collaboration at times were very personal, Acuity World has been very good at capturing the attention and commitment within the various employees, so they have wanted to contribute and to support a new and common language in the company."

Michael Stanley Pedersen, NKT Photonics, Chief Executive Officer, 2018

Personal Selling Program

Get your professional feedback & personal advice from Global Masterclasses & Facilitated Workshops


Here you can find learning opportunities that you can do both independently at home via Online Courses, Beyond Selling Facilitated Workshops with our certified trainers either face-to-face or virtually - on a regular monthly basis. You can also accelerate your learning via our periodic Beyond Selling Global Masterclasses, where our master trainers will give you personal advice for your challenges you may face at your daily work.

Select the training format that fits you best

You are in charge and you can choose the format that fits you and your learning phase the best, whether that is physical or virtual, alone or with others.

On our Acuity World Learning Platform it is possible for salespeople and sales managers to find sales training courses - as well as a number of theoretical and technical sales tools that can be put into practice immediately.

Personal Selling Program

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