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Beyond Selling

Learn about our philosophy and values of our work, the reason why we use the Satisfaction Cycle as the fundamental approach of our Selling and Leadership Program, as well as the importance of ethical consideration in selling.

Do what you do best


Businesses and individuals perform best by starting from what works, rather than what does not work. In Acuity World and the Personal Selling Program - PSP™, we therefore focus on the talents and strengths that are already within the individual salesperson - and from there we realize the full potential. Where your sellers have their focus, is where they create their results.

Create exceptional results


We find that people who are successful in setting attractive goals and achieving them, choose to focus on what they are good at and what already works for them. They set their goals based on a state of inner strength and a positive self-perception. We would like to support you in doing this through our Personal Selling Program - PSP™.

Where you have your focus, is where you get your results.

Dr. Joseph Riggio, Coach, Master Trainer, Scientist & Author, JR International

A sharpened focus creates a world of new opportunities


At Acuity World, we believe that focusing on what you want, rather than what you have already done, provides a better driving force. If there is hope in the future, there is power in the present. Having good contact with others, is crucial to growth and success. The higher your emotional and social intelligence, the easier your path to growth and success. We believe that social and communication skills can be trained and thus high customer loyalty.

Our basic idea in relation to sales training


For many years, sales trainings have been offered under various terms, of which you may have heard of some of the following: Strategic Selling, Solution Selling, SPIN Selling, Selling with Integrity, Value based Selling, Consultative Selling, Challenger Sales.

All of these systems, and many others, have in every way contributed to lifting "sales" from being something, that just happened, to a process that can be learned. However, these models also have in common that the underlying idea - what we call the paradigm - is based on a set of thoughts that belong to the industrial community, namely to find and solve problems.

Personal Selling Program

How to create loyal customers with The Satisfaction Cycle®

Our Personal Selling Program – PSP™ is based on a new sales model: The Satisfaction Cycle® created by our American partner and Master Trainer Dr. Joseph Riggio using cutting-edge neuroscience and linguistics research on persuasion and influence, based on research with sales professionals who were at the very top of the field in high-ticket sales.

The Satisfaction Cycle® is a generalized model for effective communication and influence, in any kind of professional situation. The model has become the basis, of how we do much of our coaching and consulting work with clients internationally.

We start by looking at what already works for customers, and then we uncover how it may work even better. This model is, among other things, designed to ensure high customer satisfaction and thus high customer loyalty.

Complex sales require competent solutions


At the Personal Selling Program - PSP™, you will be introduced to a communication and sales model that supports you in:

  • Working strategically with your customers
  • Creating total solutions for your customers, that match their wants and needs
  • Understanding the customer's situation and desires deeply before trying to present your solutions
  • Working with a focus on value creation for your customers and thus also for you
  • Working with consultants instead of teachers and sellers, so you can quickly become a "trusted advisor"
  • Challenging the customer at the right time in the process where the customer is ready to be challenged
  • Dealing with your integrity

Fundamentally different paradigm that supports you and your business to succeed in the knowledge society


The knowledge society, unlike the industrial community, is characterized by far greater complexity and constant change, and places greater demands on how we look at each other and the systems (companies) that we are part of. At Acuity World, we believe that businesses today are far better described using dynamic models (chaos models), than using mechanical models (simple and linear models).

This means that what today limits what opportunities an individual or company can achieve is based on the elements that already work best for a person or a company. Therefore, using traditional sales models, which are all based on finding and solving problems, no longer makes sense.

New times demands new thinking

Clare W. Graves, Professor in psychology

Personal Selling Program - PSP Online

Beyond Selling is part of the Personal Selling Program - PSP™ Online Program, which includes:


You can book one of our trainers to hold a workshop in your company if you want to give your employees inspiration and new ideas for developing their personal and social skills.
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