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Personal Outplacement Program

The aim of Acuity World’s Personal Outplacement Program is to strengthen your employees' personal and social skills through a professional and customized program and thereby provide them with the best possible options to re-orient themselves in the job market.

We help your employee move on

A dismissal can be a severe change in a person’s professional and private life. Outplacement is a program targeted at employees or managers who are exiting your organization and the aim is to help former employees transition to new jobs in a good and professional way. Offering your departing employees an outplacement program also sends a strong signal to the rest of your employees and business partners that you care for your employees from the start to the finish.

We build on your employee's strengths

On the Personal Outplacement Program – POP™ and at Acuity World in general, we focus on the talents and strengths of the individual, and from this starting point we help realize their full potential.

What does your employee benefit from this program?

Our work is centered on strengthening the personal skills of the employee in specifically three different areas: Personal Power, Personal Creativity and Personal Influence. Strengthening these three elements will enable your employee to really benefit from his or her professional expertise and business acumen and not only give them a faster and smoother transition into a new job but also let them thrive in their new job.

Personal Power

Personal Power means that your employees rediscover their personal essence and power. This supports the employees’ ability to act and get a new job faster.

Personal Creativity

Personal Creativity means that your employees learn to think along new lines so that they can pursue the right job that matches their professional expertise, personality and current desires – instead of continuing along the same track.

Personal Influence

Personal Influence means that individuals become good at selling themselves. In other words, your employees learn how to get others to buy into their skills and personality.

Content and Format


Our Personal Outplacement Program – POP™ is customized to meet your employee’s needs and is based on the employee’s individual situation. We define a specific course consisting of personal meetings, training, network meetings and homework. The program typically runs over a period of three to six months and can include the following:

Kick-off meeting

All programs begin with a kick-off meeting where the individual process is planned. This gives your employee an opportunity to assess whether the personal chemistry between your employee and the consultant is good, which is important because the consultant will accompany the employee throughout the entire process as a coach and mentor.

Uncovering the personal strengths and skills

We recommend that your employee gain an awareness of their personal, social and professional talents and skills at an early stage of the process. This is done during a personal interview with the employee.

Identification of personal requirements for your future job

Based on the individual personal strengths and skills, we identify the employee’s expectations and requirements for their future jobs. It is important that employees are clear about what they want in the future as this will have considerable influence on how we approach the job seeking process.

Application and resume

Based on your employee’s personal strengths, professional skills and requirements for their future employment, we assist the employees in their preparation their applications and resumes.

Strategies for effective job seeking

We prepare a specific plan for the individual job seeking process to ensure that the employee keeps working determined on the process. We also offer our input into the use of social media and other networks.

Personal training

We offer relevant training in how to handle job interviews. Our focus is on authentic behavior and personal impact.

Personal inspiration

We regularly arrange workshops where your employee gains new inspiration in the areas of coaching, leadership, efficient communication and personal selling.

Personal networking

We host network meetings where your employee meets with others and get feedback and input into their situation.

Personal follow-up

In order to ensure momentum throughout the entire process, the Acuity World consultant continuously follows up on the plan that was made together with the employee at the beginning of the program.

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