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Acuity Worlds PSP™ PROFESSIONALS is directed at companies, who wants to increase performance in their sales work through a structured and determined live-training course.

A training course, that is completed by by our certified PSP™ Trainers and Master Trainers, often as full day courses and is greatly based on a learning-by-doing philosophy, which is designed so the methods and tools can be used immediately. The course will be an interaction between theory and practical exercises, because our experiences show, that this provides the quickest and largest possible learning, in the given time. Acuity Worlds PSP™ PROFESSIONALS is best described as an intensive live-development course, that is distinguished by a high learninglevel within the participants, and which leads to direct results in the upcoming sales work.

This is made possible by ensuring that the participants evolve in these three essential areas:

  • Ethos: We ensure that your sellers appears authentic and credible
  • Pathos: We ensure that your sellers are able to activate your clients emotional drive
  • Logos: We ensure that your sellers are able to present solutions, that makes sense for the client

When these three elements are in place, your employees will be better at creating the wanted results and much better be capable of using their complete sales potential.


Acuity Worlds PSP™ Live Training consists of two parts: PSP™I & PSP™II. 

PSP™I you get the basic methods and tools, and PSP™ll you get the opportunity to maintain your competencies and dig into subjects, that are particularly relevant for your situation.

PSP™I – Certified PSP™ Practitioner & Buyologist

PSP™l contains the following elements: 

  • Talent Modelling – Assessment
  • Personal Outcome – Clarification of personal goals
  • Module 1 Personal Leadership 
  • Module 2 Personal Communication
  • Module 3 Personal Influence and Presentation
  • Module 4 Personal Negotiation

Talent Modelling – Assessment

No companies are identical. We at Acuity World knows that. As preparation for our PSP™ PROFESSIONALS we use a method that we call Talent Modelling. The purpose with Talent Modelling is to uncover, what the best sales worker in your company - the talents do. Sellers, who create extraordinary presentations and results often cannot explain, what they do better than other sellers. They just do it. We have, at Acuity World, for more than 15 years helped a large section of danish and international companies visualize and create a formula for their succes. Talent Modelling is a method, that unfolds in the companies we collaborate with, where we follow the best performing sellers - one or two days each. That is how we figure out, what it takes to succeed in your company, with the products, your market and with your clients. On the foundation of our conversations with each participant and inputs from the sales management, 2-4 talents are selected from your sales organization. When we do this, it is to figure out what the already succesful employees do - what mental strategies they have, what behavior they have and what they know. This way, we can spread what already works, throughout the whole sales organization during the upcoming training.


Personal Outcome –Clarification of personal goals 

No seller is identical. That is why we make sure before we start, to have a personal connection with the participants and their individual level in regards to the competencies that we experience is important, based on the performance you want.

This is done by having a personal conversation with each individual participants. Besides giving us good information, the conversation is also used to coach the participant, in preparing for their own personal goal in the program. This ensures a high degree of involvement from the individuals side, and helps making the overall profit much greater. The purpose of this session is for us to gain knowledge about which level the individual is at and furthermore the group as a unit. This ensures, that we can adapt the training afterwards, to fit your company.

PSP™I – The 4 modules

PSP™I consists of 4 modules, that together ensures, that everyone gains the knowledge, the competencies and the behavior, that is needed to succeed in working with your clients. The training has some basic elements, which we supplement with the inputs, we gained from our conversations with your participants and talents. The length of each module of course depends on your baseline and usually lasts 2-3 days:

Modul 1: Personal Leadership

This module provides basic knowledge about what it takes, to ensure the optimal success with sales work. A further goal with the module is to ensure, that every employee identify their own personal core and work from there. We also touch on, how the individual seller can lead themselves in accordance to the companies vision, mission and strategy. We also engage in following subjects in this module:

  • Personal leadership – Motivation, Focus &Target Setting
  • From strategy to your personal annual plan – use your time optimally
  • Marketing versus sales
  • Proactive versus reactive behavior towards competitors
  • How to establish a good connection to others – Basis of building relations to the customer
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication
  • How to read your customer – calibration
  • The Satisfaction Cycle©
  • Developing knowledge of the present world and desires of the customer
  • Challenging the customer in a consultative form
  • Circumvent objections
  • Getting customers that are a match – only…
  • Paradigm shift: Have a buying customer versus a selling account manager

Module 2: Personal communication

Communication is about being understood, as well as understand. To be understood, you have to be capable of understanding your clients, their situation and their dreams and goals. This module gives you the tools to accomplish this. This modules goal is based on optimizing the personal communication and influence from the individual - and make it possible for the participant to move from seller to Buyologist. This paradigm shift requires, that the individual seller systematically works on improving individual competencies in communication, in accordance to the sellers personal core. We engage in the following subjects in this module:

  • Question-asking technique – ensure high quality information
  • Learn to listen deeply 
  • Learn to identify the customers values and criteria
  • Identify others models of the world
  • Meta Programs – Understand how the customer thinks 
  • Preframing & reframing
  • Representation systems and their application
  • How to develop a ‘Yes Set’
  • Storytelling in your sales communication

Module 3 – Personal influence and presentation

This module equips the participants with the proper tools to establish a sales process, so the individual seller can fulfill the clients needs and objectives, embedded in the sellers products, services and knowhow. This type of sales process helps ensuring that it is the client buying from you, rather than you selling to the client - and the result is customer satisfaction. We engage in following subjects in this module:

  • How to motivate your customers – the use of Meta Programs
  • How to read your customers desires and expectations
  • How to read Yes/No signals
  • Focus on value for the customer instead of prices & discounts
  • Presentation skills

Module 4 – Personal Negotiation

When - and only when - the client has bought, it is reasonable to negotiate the proper terms for how the transaction should take place. In this module you learn an effective method, that will make you capable of creating true win-win solutions for you and your client, which is the foundation for a long and healthy relationship between client and supplier. In this module we engage in following subjects:

  • Negotiation Model
  • How to create win-win solutions
  • Understand you and your customers economic reality
  • BATNA – Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement
  • The 5 different negotiation types
  • Find your own preferred negotiation style

Participants who complete the PSP™I modules, have the opportunity of getting certified PSP™ Practitioner & Buyologist.

PSP™II – Certificed PSP™ Master Practitioner & Master Buyologist

Use it or lose it. It requires follow-up and practical experience to transform new knowledge into the behavior that you want in your sales department. In PSP™ll we offer the opportunity of Utilization & Reinforcement Workshops - as we call PSP MasterClasses. Here the participants will be able to use everything, they have learned at PSP™l, this embeds the methods and tools even more. We recommend - depending on the level of ambition - a series of follow-up workshops, as this will ensure the necessary focus. PSP™ll ensures, that everyone translates their new knowledge to practice, in relation to the way they work with their clients, so the training also affects the wanted long-term effect. The participant will this way actively share their learning experiences through using the new gained knowledge, which ensures persistent motivation in the development of their job.

At PSP™II you have the opportunity to choose between 11 in depth MasterClasses, where some subjects to a higher degree reflects the problems and sales situation, that is relevant for you. Acuity World can also accommodate the companies, that are in need of specific and tailored MasterClasses:

  1. Personal Presentation – How to create the Solution Experience
  2. Personal Negotiation – The Next Level
  3. Stories in sales
  4. How to ask deep questions
  5. Meta Programs
  6. Ultimate Acuity – How to read the client better
  7. The winning proposal – how to use PSP™ in writing
  8. Personal Leadership – How to become unstoppable
  9. Personal Performance
  10. Mental fitness
  11. Live Simulations with real clients

Participants who complete 4 of these MasterClasses, have the opportunity to become certified PSP™ Master Practitioner & Master Buyologist.

PSP™Live Trainings – Training description

The trainings starting point is usually from 09.00 o'clock in the morning to around 18.00 o'clock, and the participants must be prepared to use some of the evening for teaching or for solving cases and tasks for the next day. The training is very intensive, and sets big requirements for the individuals presence through the course. The course will alternate between theory and practical exercises, as we have experienced, that this gives the quickest and highest possible learning, for the available time. 

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