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PSP Executives™ - become a sales manager that creates results

PSP™ Sales Coaching and PSP™ Funnel Leadership are programs, directed at you, working with sales management and contains a string of methods, that can be used to effectively support your sellers success with their sales work. Successful sellers - equals successful managers.

The better the management is equipped with these tools, the quicker and better can you together with Acuity World create the specific daily behavior, that grants the results that you want. Here it is important to note, that Acuity Worlds programs need a dedicated sales management, to create the results that you want, that helps anchoring The Satisfaction Cycle© and the methods in the daily work. As a leader you only breed behavior within your sellers, that you demand and acknowledge yourself.

PSP™ Sales Coaching

In this session you will be introduced to a string of coaching-tools, that helps you improve your performance as a sales coach for your sellers. As a sales manager it is difficult to reach the success you really want, if you mainly spend your time selling yourself. Your job is making your sellers sell, and if you want to accomplish that, PSP™ Sales Coaching is an effective tool for creating results for you.

In this session you will furthermore be introduced to a leadership- and coaching-model, that supports your sellers using the approaches and tools, which they learned on Personal Selling Program - PSP™. You will learn to bring out the best in your sellers and develop your employees potential, through coaching as a part of your competencies as a manager. This session will also include learning to coach your employees to be independent, thus letting you utilize the unused talents in the sales department, both in the team and within the individual. The payoff will be employees, who take responsibility and contributes in an engaged and inspired way, in the companies continuous development.

You will be able to use the method for:

  • Designing and determining the yearly business plan together with each individual seller.
  • Complete ongoing Pipeline- & follow up-meetings with your sellers across the year.
  • Sparring on specific client projects, to reach your goals faster.
  • Designing and leading your sales meetings with your sellers.
  • Giving motivated feedback, which supports the behavior you want in your sellers.
  • Complete personal performance reviews with the individual seller.

The Program alternates between theoretical presentations and many practical exercises. You will be introduced to the basic coaching tools, guidance in how to use them, and how they relate to other management tools. You will as a participant be active and your experience will be involved in the subjects, thereby creating as much relevance as possible. The length of this program is typically 3-5 days, depending on your baseline and ambitions.

It would benefit the participants the most, to have participated in PSP™I first, so they are familiar with the specific sales tools.

PSP™ Funnel Leadership - The key to creating predictable profitable growth

This sales management training is dedicated to teaching you how to use your CRM- and Funnel Management system more effectively. Most executives not only wants more sales, but wants more profitable growth, and that their sales- and marketing department is capable of predicting with certainty when and where a large growth can be expected. A turbulent and globalized world leads to risks, but we still want a good understanding of the near future. Predictability is important for most companies for two reasons. Firstly, it is interesting, because it makes it possible to ensure, that the company has the needed capacity, to deliver what the clients wants, when they want it. Secondly, it is important in relation to securing management the necessary trust from the board of directors and shareholders. Most companies can survive with reduced growth for a period of time, if it was foreseen and not a surprise.

Why is it a challenge for most sales directors to deliver this predictability to their CEO?

The first explanation is, that most sales managers are too focused on the sales numbers (the past) and not enough on their pipeline (the future). This happens, because it is easier for them to get data about the past, rather than valid data about the future. Though that does not change that fact, that it is like driving a car, by looking through the rear view mirror, rather than the front window. Because we in no way live in a mechanical and linear world, it is impossible to predict the future by projecting data from the past into the future.

The other explanation is, that even companies, with developed pipeline management system, can struggle with predicting future sales with sufficient safety. The explanation, is that often the quality of data in these systems are simply too bad. It follows the principle "Garbage in - Garbage out"


The way we see it in Acuity World, both your "macro-strategies" and "micro-strategies" has to be in place to secure a better predictability for you with your pipelines. To expand, besides having an up-to-date CRM-system, it is important to:

  • Ensure that the structure of your pipeline, is designed after the way your clients wants to buy, not how you want to sell. This will ensure that the stages your pipeline consists of also matches the actual process.
  • Ensure that the data, the seller is providing, is of high quality. Make sure that the data is based on specific knowledge about the client, rather than guessing and clairvoyance.

This is a very simple solution, that is not necessarily as easy to implement, because besides the good professional competencies and economic understanding, it also requires very good personal and social skills, within the people with the contact to both your current and potential client.

In other words, it requires your sellers to improve even more at asking the right questions, listen to the clients answer more carefully and have the courage to challenge, to ensure the wanted quality in the answers they get. Though this is not enough. They also have to create situations, which the client values enough, to actually want to follow the process. It is the development of these personal and interpersonal competencies, you will learn to develop within your sellers at this training.

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