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Acuity Evenings

Free inspiration evenings with topics of Personal Leadership, Personal Communication, Personal Coaching and Personal Selling.

Personal Leadership

Lead and motivate yourself and others. Personal leadership is basically about becoming conscious of your goals in life and about acquiring the techniques to reach them. It begins with focus on WHO YOU ARE when you are AT YOUR VERY BEST and WHAT YOU WANT to achieve. This workshop is targeted at leaders, managers and other professionals who often find themselves in situations in which they can benefit from motivating both themselves and others to achieve the best results.
This evening will be held in danish. If you want to sign up go to the danish version.

Personal Communication

If you don’t lead your communication, it will lead you. Communication is much more than the spoken word, and when you are in the company of with others you cannot “not communicate”. You constantly send out signals to your surroundings through your behavior, and your signals are constantly interpreted, either consciously or unconsciously, by other people. The greater the correlation between your words, tone of voice and body language, the greater your personal credibility, charisma and impact will be. At this workshop you will acquire methods and tools that can strengthen your ability to communication and make the dialogue with your employees, colleagues and clients easy.
This evening will be held in danish. If you want to sign up go to the danish version.

Personal Coaching

Making people put thoughts into action. This workshop gives you an insight into Performance Coaching. You will experience how coaching can help your employees get the right focus and give you methods to motivate your employees and reach the goals you want. During the workshop we will introduce you to the coaching model “Exquisite Performance Coaching”, which is designed to help people enhance their performance. It is a unique tool for leaders who want their employees to grow and be capable of creating the best possible results – both for themselves and the organization.
This evening will be held in danish. If you want to sign up go to the danish version.

Personal Selling

How to make others buy your ideas and products. This workshop is for everyone with a job that involves selling, whether it’s an actual sales job or a job in which you will benefit from being able to sell your ideas or products to other people. During this workshop you will gain an insight into the reasons why traditional sales models often fail and we will introduce you to new selling techniques that will strengthen your business. You will also acquire tools to develop both your and your employees’ sales skills and make you reach your goals with less effort.
This evening will be held in danish. If you want to sign up go to the danish version.

The trainer

Henrik Wenøe, CEO, Executive Coach, Trainer & Advisor

All Acuity Evenings are presented by Acuity World’s Director & Principal Trainer, Henrik Wenøe. Henrik is known for customizing training for managers, leaders and employees in the fields of Leadership, Communication, Sales and Marketing. He unleashes the full potential by focusing on the interaction between the organization and the individual.

Acuity Evenings

Acuity Evenings are introductory workshops with the purpose to inspire you and develop your personal and social skills in the four areas described below. The workshops also provide you with a taste of our Training – Personal Leadership Program – PLP™.

All Acuity Evenings are facilitated by Acuity World’s Director and Executive Trainer Henrik Wenøe in Danish. If you are interested in similar workshops in English please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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