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Personal Coaching

We can take you to the next level! Become better at focusing on your talent and explore more option. One of Acuity Worlds personal coaches can help you achieve your goals. 

Personal Coaching is for you, if you want to:

  • Create value in your job
  • Become better at focusing on your talent
  • Explore more options
  • Learn how to set attractive goals and reach them

Personal Coaching is not just about getting more out of you. It is much more about making you the best you can be! Through Personal Coaching you will gain access to sides of yourself that you might not take full advantage of today and you will receive competent feedback that strengthens your ability to think along new lines. This will open up new possibilities in your professional and private life.

How Personal Coaching is conducted?

Normally, the first session takes 2 hours. This gives you and your coach a chance to get to know each other and to define the topics you wish to work on. The following sessions take 1 hour. If you experience, that the chemistry between you and your coach is not right we are prepared to help you find a different coach. Our aim is that you make the most of your coaching sessions.

All coaching sessions are planned individually and can take place in your private home, at your company or at our training center in Holte, Denmark.

Choose your Personal Coach

Erik Schwensen

Erik Schwensen

Business Coach & Trainer

Erik is a skilled Leadership Consultant and Business Coach with many years’ experience from the Danish Defense. He is also part of our in-house trainer team.

Henrik Wen√łe

Liselotte Pedersen

Business Coach and Trainer

Liselotte is a Business Coach and one of Acuity World’s regular instructors on Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ and other in-house projects. She has solid experience coaching executives, instructors, entrepreneurs and others.

Berit Becker Nielsen

Berit Becker Nielsen

Business Coach and Trainer

Berit is a Business & Performance Coach and one of Acuity World’s regular instructors on Personal Leadership Program and other in-house projects. Her motivation is to help you unleash your full potential by finding your personal power, make you aware of your strengths and skills and make them your launch pad in the realization of your goals and dreams.

Arne Wesenberg

Arne Wesenberg

Professionel Coach & Mentor

Arne is an experienced coach, mentor and trainer. He is Certified Professional Coach & Mentor from Acuity World and are trained New NLP ™ Master Practitioner, Certified by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He is also certified Enneagram Practitioner from Copenhagen NLP House and Massage Therapist from the Northern Light Center in Silkeborg.

Arne Rosendahl

Arne Rosendahl

Facilitator, Business Coach & Trainer

Arne is an experienced Facilitator, Business Coach and Trainer. His work is based on the idea of “the complete person” and he believes, that every individual has a huge unutilized potential.

Jesper Berth

Pia Claudine Sørensen

Business Coach

Pia is a Business Coach and has been working for Acuity World since 2012, where she has been focusing on sales & marketing. Since the beginning of 2018 she has been offering one-to-one coaching sessions for some of Acuity Worlds clients. 

Personal Coaching costs

DKK 1,700.-

ex VAT per hour.

We give you a 5% discount for the purchase of 5 sessions and a 10% discount for the purchase of 10 sessions.

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