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Transformative Sales Meeting

Transformative Sales Meeting is about how you can master your sales meetings, so that you will support your customers in moving from dream to action faster. In other words, how you can transform a lead into a buying customer.

Create lifelong customer relationships

Transformative Sales Meeting provides you with an effective sales tool together with a succesful strategy, so that you can master your sales meetings.  This way, you are able to transform your leads to long-term customers easily and quickly.

This program is especially aimed at those who would like to increase sales, improve your customer readiness and keep your existing customers. Last but not least, for those who want to achieve higher customer satisfaction and create a whole new category of loyal customers - what we call activists.

Become a master at understanding your customers

Transformative Sales Meeting gives you a specific method, that is based on how you gain a deeper understanding of your customer's drive. This is an important prerequisite for creating the optimal relationship between your business and your customers.

This program enable you to uncover the real desires and needs of your customers, identify your customers' thinking patterns and values, enabling you to design and present optimal solutions and offers to your customers. Transformative Sales Meeting is for those, who aspire to improve their results by improving their personal and social skills in the sales situation.

Personal Selling Program

The right structure and communication creates better performance and results


The Transformative Sales Meeting program introduces you to the sales model - The Satisfaction Cycle®, that gives you the best structure for your sales meetings. In addition, you get a number of tools that will strengthen your personal and social skills in managing, listening and asking the right questions, to make it easier for you to achieve what you want at your next sales meeting.

By following the meeting structure and using the tools, presented in this program, you will be able to lead your sales meeting effectively and create value for both your customers and yourself. Therefore, in this program you not only learn what to do but how to do it.

Transformative Sales Meeting Program is about mastering your sales meeting, in order to transform a lead into a buying customer effectively.

Mastering sales meetings is the key to successful B2B selling

In order to create a higher conversion rate and optimize sales performance, you must master every interaction with your potential customer.  When you are able to master your sales meeting, you are supporting your customer in achieving their dream.  Therefore you are not only transforming a lead to a customer, but also create future opportunity to transform them from customer into activists in the long run.

Getting clarity on your WHY is the way to your optimal sales results

Your personal motivation is the prerequisite for benefiting from this program. Getting clarity on WHY you take this program before you begin, is critical fuel for maintaining your commitment throughout the program. Transformative Sales Meeting modules build on the motto: "You can't learn to swim without getting wet." To get the most out of this therefore, you will need to actively train the skills and tools you are introduced to, in your daily sales work.

"Transformative Sales Meetings provides what the title promises - an approach and tools to lead sales meetings to actionable outcomes with the customer. By applying this method I was able, in many cases, to use less time AND find out more precisely what the customer really wants. This course provided easy to grasp lessons, which I could practice right away in real life situations. I also watched the videos again several times over a longer period of time to deepen my learning and support my everyday practice. The beauty of this course is that I think it suits all levels from beginners to those who already are good at sales: It is easy to get started and yet there is always something to get better at. I took the course after Acuity World’s Personal Leadership Program and it provided great value in connecting the earlier learned dots from the sales perspective."

Virpi Varjonen
Strategic Account Manager / Strategic Business, Endress+Hauser

Transformative Sales Meeting Online

Our PSP Online Learning Platform supports optimizing your sales competence more effectively & easily.

  • Flexibility & Mobility – You can learn anytime, anywhere & on any devices.
  • Easy bit-size learning – Short videos accompanied by exercises and assessments making learning easy to digest.
  • Effective daily application - Well-designed workbook & tools that encourage utilization of the skills you learned at your daily work.
  • Online Live Coaching - Periodical support via online coaching sessions and live webinars, are also available in parallel with the online program to accelerate your learning and sales performance.

A cost-effective way to optimize your sales force

Our Online Learning Platform PSP™ supports your company in optimizing competence of your salespeople more Effectively, Efficiently and Economically

  • Cost-effectiveness – Online training minimizes time, resources and costs of travelling, venue and coordination of work in normal class-room training.  It makes onboarding new salespeople faster & easier.
  • Reach & Scale – Learning across different departments, regions & continents easily with the online format.
  • Consistency – Accessing the same training materials, methodology & terminology makes communication more effective – not only within the sales departments, but also between different departments and management levels.
  • Community support -  We provide you with a private community, where your salespeople can share their experiences and support learning from each other and develop a learning culture.

Personal Selling Program - PSP™ Online

Transformative Sales Meeting is part of the Personal Selling Program - PSP™ Online Program, which includes:

Tools for Transformative Sales Meeting

- My PSP™ Meeting Book

My PSP™ Meeting Book is a sales meeting planner / journal for you to prepare your meeting, guide your meeting & help you to design the appropriate solutions for your customers which resonate to their dreams & desire.

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