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The Hunter Program

The Hunter Program provides you with a 6-step process to unlock the door to your first meeting with your Mammoth - The RIGHT customers for a long-term sustainable profitable business!

Profitable business starts with finding the right customers

Hunting new customers is a time-consuming process. Therefore it is important to do the right hunting well and fast!

The right hunting refers to finding the right potential customers, who match your business, your products and the solution you offer. This also makes them the customers, who are capable of buying BIG from you.

When you are able to quickly identify and attract them, you are well on your way to ensure that your business is healthy - not just here and now - but also in the long term.

The Hunter Program is about focusing on customers, that will create a significant positive impact on the top- and bottom line of your business. 

Why chase rabbits, when you can kill a mammoth?

Creating an optimal start for your mammoth-hunting

The Hunter Program provides you with a unique and effective step-by-step process, to optimize your marketing and customer acquisition process.   You will become both mentally prepared and obtain skills, that makes your new potential customer want to meet with you.

The program is based on a proactive and consistent customer-focused approach, that effectively supports you, your team and your business to work systematically and purposefully in finding and identifying new customers with the right profile.

At the same time, you will be able to do it in a way, that makes them interested in your products and solutions.  This makes you able to easily establish a valuable personal conversation with them, thus making them want to meet with you further. 

This is the first crucial step in your successful mammoth hunt!

The Hunter Program is about focusing on getting customers, that will positively impact the top- and bottom line of your business.

Personal Selling Program

Well started is half complete

A hunter who is not ready and focused, increases their risk of going home empty-handed from the chase. That also applies in sales work.  The better you get off to a good start, the easier it is to cross the finish line rewardingly. With the strategies and tools from The Hunter Program, you will learn how to:

  • mentally prepare yourself
  • set appropriate goals
  • identify your mammoths
  • get to know your mammoths
  • build their interest in your business

from which you can prepare your unbeatable action plan, so that your potential customer will open the door to your next meeting - where actual sales process happen.

The Hunter Program is available in both Online & Face-to-Face format.

The Hunter Program Online

Our Online Learning Platform PSP™ supports optimizing your sales competence more effectively & easily.

  • Flexibility & Mobility – You can learn anytime, anywhere & on any devices.
  • Easy bit-size learning – Short videos accompanied by exercises and assessments making learning easy to digest.
  • Effective daily application - Well-designed workbook & tools that encourage utilization of the skills you learned at your daily work.
  • Online Live Coaching - Periodical support via online coaching sessions and live webinars are also available in parallel with the online program to accelerate your learning and sales performance.

A cost-effective way to optimize your sales force

Our Online Learning Platform PSP™ supports your company in optimizing competence of your salespeople more Effectively, Efficiently and Economically

  • Cost-effectiveness – Online training minimizes time, resources and costs of travelling, venue and coordination of work in normal class-room training.  It makes onboarding new salespeople faster & easier.
  • Reach & Scale – Learning across different departments, regions & continents easily with the online format.
  • Consistency – Accessing the same training materials, methodology & terminology makes communication more effective – not only within the sales departments, but also between different departments and management levels.
  • Community support -  We provide you with a private community, where your salespeople can share their experiences and support learning from each other and develop a learning culture.

Personal Selling Program - PSP Online

The Hunter Program is part of the Personal Selling Program - PSP™ Online Program, which includes:

The Hunter Program Face-to-Face Training

You can also learn The Hunter Program face-to-face, where you can experience the power of the skills and get immediate feedback from our experienced trainers

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