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Personal Leadership Course

Personal Leadership Couse is based on the premise that excellent leadership begins with a strong self-leadership. We will focus on how you effectively lead yourself as a person.

Personal Leadership Course

Focus on your personal strengths, learn how to motivate yourself and others at a deeper level and find your own authentic style as a leader. You will also acquire useful tools to avoid stress and create a better balance in yourself and your employees.

Create extraordinary performance for yourself and others

Both companies and individuals perform best by building on what works instead of what doesn’t. Consequently, at Acuity World, we focus on the talents and strengths that are already in your organization. From this starting point, we realize your full potential.


Excellent leadership begins with a strong self-leadership!


Benefits you will get

  • Learn how to motivate yourself and others at a deeper level.
  • Focus on your personal strengths and unleash your full potential
  • Find your ”best state” and strengthen your personal skills.
  • Learn how to prioritize and set the right goals for your leadership – and reach them!
  • Strengthen your personal power and make the right decisions – fast and simple.
  • Learn how to avoid stress and to create balance in yourself and your employees.

Benefits your organisation will get

  • You get a leader with concrete and directly applicable leadership skills.
  • A leader who learns self-leadership, so he / she takes the right decisions faster and is able to execute.
  • A leader who engages and motivates his / her employees at a deeper level.
  • A leader who is able to think and act creatively when unpredictable situations arise.
  • A leader who can attract others buy his / her ideas and products

Target group

Personal Leadership – PL™ course is designed for experienced leaders and employees on track to becoming leaders. In other words: Leaders who want more! PL™ is also directed at everyone with a desire to lead themselves even better in their professional and personal lives. Over the past 15 years, more than a thousand people have completed our course and we have not only met their expectations but also exceeded them.

Teaching Method

During Personal Leadership – PL™ course,  we convert theory into practical experience. Through the course you will gain access to and strengthen your personal and authentic leadership style and we provide you with practical tools, that you can apply instantly.

Personal Leadership – PL™ is held in Danish.

Access to Training Evenings

Through your participation on PL™ you will have access to our training sessions where you can practice the skills you have worked on through the course. These sessions also provide you with an opportunity to share your experiences and network.


When you have completed Personal Leadership – PL™,  you can be certified as “Personal Leader” by the International Association of Personal Leadership – IAOPL.

Since 2001 there were over 6000 people attended our courses & training programs

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